Radial Impulse (Godot) Addon
January 3, 2024

Happy new Year!

To kick things off, I'm releasing a new Godot addon, the Radial Impulse, which adds two new nodes (one for 2D and the other for 3D). The nodes are used to apply impulses into all rigid bodies that are within their circular/spherical area. The animation bellow is from the 2D demo.

How to use and how it works, as usual, can be found here and the addon itself in this GitHub repository .

OK yes, I know, those new nodes are still for the Godot 3 branch. I'm working on the Godot 4 port of the relevant addons as GDExtension. Several of them are fully ported. However there is an issue with the UI theme system that is somewhat preventing me from kicking off the extension thing.

That said, I wish for all the best for everyone in 2024. And, happy forging!