DataAsset and SpinSlider - New Godot Addons
August 15, 2022

While working in a (Godot Engine) project I ended up creating a Resource meant to hold data. Editing its array was very clunky. But most importantly, adding a custom scripted resource into this data class was not possible. Well, it was, but the "new instance" is not filtered in Godot. That is, it display a huge list of classes derived from Resource.

So, I decided to create an Editor Plugin meant to deal with resources of this kind, the Data Asset plugin. A preview of the plugin in the animation bellow, which showcases rearranging elements of an array of custom scripted resources:

Yet, editing numerical properties were not exactly close to the editor provided within the Inspector panel. Granted, the editor uses a Control named EditorSpinSlider, which is not fully exposed to scripting. So, I decided to also create a Control that implements something similar to that, which is provided as the SpinSlider. A preview of the widget:


As usual, I have a tutorial for each of the two new addons. The SpinSlider information can be found here. As for the Data Asset, it's here.