Nuxt Generation
August 31, 2021

And I can finally update my site again! For a little bit of information on what happened, I have a new blog post here. In short, I had to switch static site generators.

With this, the RSS feed generation is different and it probably have triggered a lot of "new" posts within some (if not all) aggregators. If that's the case, please know I'm deeply sorry for that! On the bright side, I believe the new feed generator does a better job than what I was doing previously.

Nevertheless, with this new update I also bring 3 (or maybe two and a half) Godot Addons.

The first one is a base class meant to serve as starting point to create custom widget Controls for Godot. It basically deals with the theme system in order to automatically expose styling entries to the Inspector for easier overriding. With this, custom controls can somewhat behave like any other core Control when attempting to override the theme of a single Control within the editor.

The second one is a UI Control (TabularBox) meant to allow viewing and editing of tabular data, providing means to create custom columns for dealing with specific value types. As an example, one of the columns provided with the pack allows rendering thumbnails of texture resources assigned to cells.

Finally, a Database addon that includes an editor plugin to create and manage in game databases. This plugin uses the TabularBox Control in order to allow editing and viewing of the data. This addon also provides means for a column to reference another table within the database, which could be really useful. Also, it does integrate into it the Weighted Random Selection With Godot technique for easier random picking rows from the tables.

As usual, those addons have tutorials to explain how to use them.

So, this is the nuxt generation of my site. Hopefully I didn't break anything during the migration process!