Godot Addon Pack and New Layout
- (April 17 2020)

At long last! After several months in development I can finally release the initial version of my Godot Addon Pack! It can be found on my Github Repository.

I also create a set of tutorials to accompany the addons. Those can be found here. Each page of this tutorial corresponds to one addon and contains two major sections, one explaining the basics of using the addon and the other a little bit of how it internally work.

Finally, if you have visited my web page before, you will probably notice it now has a completely new layout. In the navigation bar there is a toggle button allowing you to switch between dark and light theme. And this new layout will adjust to work on smaller screens. Just don’t expect snippets of code to be easily readable.

Anyway, I hope this new layout is OK’ish enough and that you find this addon pack useful! Happy forging!