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Several days ago I posted a very basic tutorial on How to Setup Multiplayer Game in Godot. My original intention was to quickly release a follow up tutorial so some of the things that I deliberately didn't mention regarding the problems wouldn't be focus of people wanting to behead me. Unfortunately writing this new tutorial took me way longer than anticipated.

Anyway, it's finally here, More Networking with Godot. In this new tutorial I cover the following topics:

  • Fixes to some of the oversights of the first tutorial.
  • Very basic authoritative server setup.
  • Latency simulation and measurement.
  • Snapshot interpolation.
  • Player kicking from the server.
  • Chat system.

Truly hope you find it useful!

June 13, 2019

Added a new tutorial, How to Setup Multiplayer Game in Godot. It's a multi-part tutorial that details how to create a simple synchronized multiplayer game, including some rudimentary "bots" to fill in the maximum amount of players in the game.

May 17, 2019

And so, my humble web... cough forge is open!

Right at its beginning, two Unreal Engine tutorials. A huge one, teaching how to create a 2D game, from start to "finish", named uColumns. The other tutorial is small and shows some ways to create custom C++ classes within an Unreal project. It can be found here.

I have also started the blog section with some Markdown impracticalities that I have found while working on this website.

That is my warm welcome to the forge!

April 11, 2019