Here are the projects that I have published, open source or not, excluding any that is considered as "reference material for a tutorial". Also, those are not in any particular order.


This is a free Sudoku puzzle generator. It can be "played" directly on the web browser, a stand alone (Linux or Windows) or Android.

Linux, Windows, Android and Web play:

Web play:


A game inspired by an old classic. Move (sideways) a falling piece composed of three blocks so when it lands you get at least three matching equal blocks. The matching can be horizontal, vertical or any diagonal.

Linux, Windows and Android:

Web play:


This is a free and open source application meant to convert CSV data into JSON. This does not enforce a one to one mapping, allowing for some rather complex JSON structures if necessary.

Source code:

Linux and Windows Binaries:


Godot Addon Pack

Multiple addons for the Godot Engine.

Source code: