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You can find me on Twitter, @yurigami

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Although I can be found on several forums I rarely check them, so I may not answer.

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My real name is Yuri Sarudiansky and I'm a computer engineer.

Because of my passion for gaming I have dedicated a lot of my time to learn how to actually create my own games. I did have some sort of a "pause" in game development when I worked for a research lab, developing an application for them. I can't get into much details (due to non disclosure agreement) other than it is meant to process big protein databases (yes, I know, very different from game development).

Due to an unfortunate series of events I have lost almost all of my work back in January 2017. In short, main HDD failed and shortly after, before the replacement arrived, the backup HDD also failed. Yes, I know, I should have taken some more strict backing-up procedures, lesson learned.

After some time without knowing exactly what to do, I decided to create this web page which also means I had/have to relearn HTML/JavaScript and learn CSS.

Currently I'm out of job and trying to pursue my dream of creating games for a living.

The Site

This static web site was originally generated by metalsmith. However, after a few NodeJS updates (and packages) the build process completely broke. After spending a reasonable amount of time trying to fix and only making things worse I simply gave up and decided to move on to a new technology. Currently this web site is generated by Nuxt, which is a framework on top of VueJS framework. Yes, a framework on top of a framework!

Nevertheless, here are the additional packages I installed in order to build this page:

While I originally deliberately decided to not use any cookies in this web site, while using a single key-pair local storage to handle the selected page theme color, with Nuxt I have lost a little bit of control over what happens under the hood. After some tests I believe it is still true that this web site remains cookie free.

If you are curious to know which packages I have used with the previous generation tool chain, expand the contents bellow, which contains the list.